"All aspects of care are excellent. I like the routines, the clear rules, the consistency of the day as well as the strong emphasis on fun"


"Wonderful service, very caring with the children, very thorough with contracts, admin etc. yet able to be flexible if needed"


"We really do see the good work that you both do with ***. He comes home excited about what he has done during the day. The activities, games and excursions are great and of real value to his learning. ...he listens to and thrives on the encouragement and advice that he is given by you both"


"***'s individual needs and characteristics are always taken into account, he's stretched and encouraged in a positive way and he genuinely feels cared about..."


"... the Tapestry learning journeys are just wonderful"


"We are delighted with your service. It feels like a home from home and *** loves coming to you"


"Thank you so very much for all you do"


"The environment provided is stable, caring and fun but well disciplined. A very good environment that *** loves"


"Manor Childminding is a very well-run business. The contracts and policies are very clear and the communication is great"


"We could never thank you enough for how you look after *** but THANK YOU!"




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